Capacity Release Indices


Natural Gas Week (effective 11/01/2010*)

Price Points

         Transco Station 30

         Transco Station 45

         Transco Station 65

         Transco Zone 4

         Transco Zone 5

         Transco Z6 Non-NY

         Transco Z6 NY

         Col. Gas. App. Pool

         Dominion North

         Dominion South

Platts Gas Daily (effective 11/01/2010*)

Price Points (daily and weekly price)

         Transco, zone 1

         Transco, zone 2

         Transco, zone 3

         Transco, zone 4

         Transco, zone 5 del.

         Transco, zone 6 non-N.Y.

         Transco, zone 6 N.Y.

         Columbia Gas, App.

         Dominion North Point

         Dominion South Point

* The subscriptions to these indices renew on an annual basis.  These subscriptions will be continued until further notice.

In the event a price is not published for a specific point and the index-based formula cannot be computed, Transco will invoice the release according to NAESB 5.2.5.



Date Posted: 11/1/2010